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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

random post about nothing in particular

As I mentioned in my very short post last night, I spend yesterday evening in Milwaukee at the SLA monthly meeting. The presentation was by Dr. Iris Xie of the University of Wisconson-Milwaukee's School of Information Studies. It was interesting. She's a digital libraries expert, and I think I picked up more from her presentation then I have in my class on the subject.

Also networked, and that's never bad. One of the things we heard was that there's a lot of library opportunities in D.C., which could be cool. I have no objections to D.C.

In other news, I am done with the dreaded Comm A's and have set up my independent study for next semester. The librarian here would love help indexing, and I can do it from home. Since I'm practically connected to my laptop via an IV, this is a very good thing.

...Wonder what I'll write my paper on.


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