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Monday, October 04, 2004

Organization, the lack thereof, and the general frustration of a library school student

Mondays are my marathon day, though not because of class (I only have one) but because of work, where I start early in the morning and often go until nearly ten o'clock at night, after class is over.

I get cranky on Mondays.

Which is probably why I found my database class so frustrating today. I can usually tolerate the professor's lack of organization (though one has to wonder: why are so many professors in what is essentially an organizational science so...Disorganized?). I like her as a person; she's perfectly friendly and willing to help, but the lack of preparedness drives me insane sometimes.

For instance, I took Telecommunications and Networking from her last Spring, and she'd be changing the slides during class - which defeated the purpose of actually printing them out. And this semester, it seems that a good half of the workbook problems are wrong.

I won't even get started on syllabi. Let's just say that I'm beginning to believe that professors need to have them approved by a test group before distributing them to their classes. I can count on one hand the number I've had in library school that are actually comprehensible.


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