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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

On the subject of OPACs and everyone's favorite search engine...

This is really quite interesting (via LISNews). I can't speak for its likelihood to succeed as discussions of OPAC designs have this terrible tendency to make my head swim, but let's face it. Google is the favorite search engine of lots of people, including librarians (I rather like Vivisimo as well, but that's a tangent we won't go off on today). I don't know that the algorithm they use for their online searches will be the best for all information, but maybe they'll come up with something cool. Something cooler and more usable than the OPACs that many library systems currently use at any rate.

In other news, set up a new blog for my Information Literacy practicum with the immensely silly title Fluent in English, Pig Latin, and Library. I'm hoping to use it as a replacement for the tedious journal entries that I always, always leave to the last minute.

*spent two hours reminiscing over the past month of practicum experiences*


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