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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

More on EBooks

Michael Pastore posts on 26 Benefits on EBooks, which include the speedy delivery of information, promotion of reading, preservation, and encouraging the development of small presses. I'm not sure I buy these last three.

Though this may be a vast generalization (and I'm sure it is), many people find EBooks difficult to read - at least if the complaints I've heard in my LIS classes are any indication. Preservation is iffy; there is no format that is completely reliable, and paper has proven itself to be one of the more reliable. As for encouraging the development and support of small presses?

I think I may be a little too cynical to buy that.


At 11:24 PM, Blogger Sixlegged said...

He's got some strong points...I like most of them. They make sense. But I'm too conditioned to substitute aspartame for sweet, sweet sugar. And I'm too poor to afford a laptop, too tactily-oriented to collect information beyond the d-e-tails, and books smell good. They smell really good, far-better than the gloss in a magazine, far-better than my $70 monitor. The reading experience is better when it is multisensory.

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