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Monday, October 11, 2004

et cetera and so forth

The job search doesn't officially begin until the end of this semester (which is good. My schedule is such that I don't really have the time for a full-fledged job search right now. Searching for employment is a full time job on its own) but I keep looking at possibilities. Such as an "Information Specialist" position at RadioShack's corporate headquarters. On the plus side, it's a full time, entry level position paying $50 an hour. On the down side, it's in Texas. Fort Worth. My beautiful collection of sweaters would rarely get used.

Yes, I'm a northern girl clinging to the evil cold. Don't ask me why.

In other news, I've pretty much decided to drop one of my reference courses next semester (either advanced reference or online, I haven't decided. Gov Docs is STAYING.) in favor of an indexing independent study, hopefully at The Pleasant Company indexing articles from American Girl Magazine. A girl who did her independent study there last semester is getting me the contact info. Personally, I think the contact would be more valuable than another lecture course. Now I just need to decide which lecture to get rid of.

Cat arrived this weekend. Cat's name is Dominick, and previously belonged to my older brother. However, Dominick and older brother's dog were unable to reach an amicable truce, and thus he has moved to Madison with me. He already in the prince of the household and came equipped with a water fountain and his own collection of fiestaware.

My cat's dishes are better than my own. There's something wrong with this picture.


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