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Thursday, September 30, 2004


I should most definitely be doing homework of some kind, perhaps the database problems due Monday that I've not even started on...but after a day of Comm Req A --> Class --> Home Library work --> bar for 30th birthday (not mine), I can't be bothered to summon the energy. This is, after all, what work's for.

So instead, I'm contemplating my next and final semester of graduate school.

I only need four or five credits, thanks to taking twelve credits a semester for the entirety of my first year, but I'll probably end up taking three classes, and the current three are Online Reference, Advanced Reference (which I'm pretty sure is called something else, but I'm too lazy to filch my roommate's copy of the schedule), and Government Documents. The first two are because they're things I'd probably use quite a bit as any kind of librarian, even in the more specialized, private sector and/or government libraries I'm interested in. And Government Documents is because I've been told it's a useful course.

Truly useful courses have been few and far between at SLIS, in my experience. I found Networking and Telecommunication Concepts vaguely useful, and Cataloging would be, I suppose, if I ever had any intention of ever cataloging. However, when the content of a class fails to grab you to that extent, I'd think it's a pretty safe bet that it's an area you should stay away from.

But the point is that so much of everything in this "professional" program seems completely theoretical, and I'd personally enjoy some more practicality with my education.


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