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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Citation Software: RefWorks, and the problems therein

Dorothea mentions the University of Wisconsin's implementation of RefWorks and the problems associated with it - and it is hardly problem free, that much is for sure.

But while the glaring problem Dorothea has with it is the frustration of having to tell RefWorks what kind of database you want to import from, my concern tends to be the lack of Macintosh compatibility. See, I have an iBook. I never use IE except to check compatibility; my preferred browsers are Mozilla Firefox and Apple's Safari. So a lot of the functionality of RefWorks is lost...and the in text citation plugin is still not functional for Macintosh.

I attended my RefWorks seminar back in July. We were assured at the time that Write'n'Cite would be working for Mac within a month. I attended another one this past week...and no, it does not work.

The joys of living in a PC world.


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